The Helix

Boof is the force we must stop as soon as we can. Learn of Boof's crimes and plan join us in the struggle.

The Boof-Realm, (AKA the Boof world, the Boof dimension, the Ether) is a place next to Earth where Boof has taken over everything: nature, humanity, technology, all is Boofed.
BoofCorp the largest Boof entity in our world, supremely powerful but erroneous in it's ambition.
An off-grid Boof-owned island where BoofTech conducts research into the Boof-Realm among other things.
Booftech is the Technology arm Of BoofCorp
Big Boof seems to be the the highest person in the hierarchy of Boof (not to be confused with the mythical Booficus)
An isotope of uranium discovered and produced by BoofTech.
Public Domain (credit was not listed
Boof island Picture (which I then Modified)
for original Big Booficus Image (which I then altered)
for providing me photography for use as Megasurrey (which I then altered)
taking one of the unidentified photographs (which I then altered)
This image is a work of a United States Department of Energy (or predecessor organization) employee
taken or made as part of that person's official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain. (which I then altered)
For providing the Geiger counter soundthat I then and re pitched and mixed
thank you to WebFlow ‍‍‍
for hosting my work.‍
Shout out to Dajain!‍‍
for being a legend
Photographed booftech images‍ (which I then altered)
Chris, Neal and Issac
for talking and helping me develop the boof myth