Founded in 1890
Date created / Discovered by Boof
Date leaked to us
Booftech is the Technology arm Of BoofCorp

Founded in 1890 BoofTech, is a technology company turned Conglomeration that now owns an estimated ~90% market share of the first world's technology markets. Main production licences and distributor of Boof products eg. Cerebra II and BoofPod. Subsidiaries include BoofGen has made radical and controversial advancement in gene therapy fields.

BoofGen, officially the Gene therapy and DNA arm of BoofTech, is at the forefront of genetics technology surpassing all competition exponentially. Publicly they claim to have made C.R.I.S.P.R. work at a previously impossible scale, offering various gene therapy programmes for anyone on both embryos and fully developed people, the latter of which is a service only they can provide. Be it enhanced physical traits, heightened mental abilities, removal of allergies or other gene-rooted impairments, any problem can be solved, for a price.

Leaked documents show how BoofGen scientist created the first generation of Booflets on what can only be Boof Island, gestating human embryos in tanks within the Boof-Realm. These embryos remain within the gestation tanks for 9 months but develop faster than normal, meaning when they emerge they are at the level of a 2 year old child rather than a newborn. Alongside the faster development, the DNA of the Booflets has been altered, making them all (besides outliers) exhibit thoughts that align with BoofCorp and the Boof movement at large. They also inherit similar physical characteristics: slightly above average height and brown hair. These Booflets make up much of BoofCorps' managers and CEOs