Big Boof

Born circa 1948
Date created / Discovered by Boof
Big Boof's existence was first theorised by us in 1971 and confirmed in 1973
Date leaked to us
Big Boof seems to be the the highest person in the hierarchy of Boof (not to be confused with the mythical Booficus)

To our best knowledge Big Boof seems to be the highest person in the Boof hierarchy. Most evidence points to them being male and born in the 1940s, however this is disputed by an enormous amount of leaked documents suggesting that BoofCorp is intentionally muddying the waters or that Big Boof could just be a title that can change hands and not a specific individual. Whatever their identity Big Boof remains a enormous danger as they are the architect of the Boofpocalypse.

Big Boof sat in his lounge. (1973 leak)
Big Boof sat in his lounge. (1973 leak)

In 1973, a high level Booflet went rogue, leaking pictures of the interior of Big Boof's penthouse, at the top floor of the BoofTower in Mega-Surrey One, leaking the "apparently" stealthily taken images in the hope that they could be used for the assassination of Big Boof. After releasing this to the press he was not seen again until he was shot by bank robbers in December of the same year. However, leaked BoofedMedia project plans show the entire incident was planned by Big Boof to display Big Boof's extravagant lifestyle to the masses in a seemingly unintended way. This would explain why the pictures display nothing of the layout of the building yet display the most extravagant elements of the property.

"Open the Gate"
Big Boof's inbuilt 25m deep aquarium (1973 leak)